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Digital Skills Entry Level IT

At PHX we pride ourselves on helping you to improve your skills, qualifications and job prospects


  • Ideal for inexperienced users
  • Quickly improve your confidence
  • Learn how to fully use the mouse and keyboard
  • Introduction to searching the internet
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Start to use email and send attachments
  • Understanding Social Networking and how it can help you in life and work
  • Using different digital media devices

On completion of this training course you will be able to transfer the skills you have acquired into job search on the internet and letter/cv writing in Word.

For more information about the courses we offer and how to apply to join a course, please contact your nearest PHX centre (see training centre page for details).

About Us

We believe that the opportunities to progress in your existing career or move closer to employment should be free and accessible to all no matter where you come from, which is why we provide useful resources to help those in need learn new skills to do something remarkable.

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